Cultural Opportunites

Cultural opportunities play a significant role in the life of Villa Maria College. We foster, nurture and grow the talents of our girls over the years they are with us. A vibrant cultural programme, where girls can seize opportunities, is central to our inclusive philosophy here at Villa.

Girls are encouraged to embrace their God-given talents, whether that is performing with the Pasifika or Kapa Haka groups, singing in one of our choirs, taking to the stage in the annual production, or playing an instrument – it’s all about being involved and having fun.

Kapa Haka

Toku reo toku ohooho
My language, my awakening.

Villa Maria College’s Kapa Haka group has performed at regional competitions with expert training and support from staff, parents and whānau. Kapa Haka at Villa Maria provides leadership opportunities for our students as well as the exploration and expression of Māori culture through song and dance.


Iho Pūmanawa was donated to the College by Sir Mark Solomon in 2010 to recognise the highest achieving Māori student. Iho Pūmanawa is the name of the award and refers to a gifted person who is talented and clever. These attributes come from one’s ancestors and can be passed on to their descendants.

Our Recipient – Ella Youngman-Mark

A Vibrant Cultural Programme

Where girls can seize opportunities


Taloha ni, Kia orana, Mālō e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Ni sa bula, Kia ora, Talofa lava, Greetings

The Villa Maria Pasifika Group encompasses Year 9 to 13 girls and provides a wealth of opportunities for friendships, support and leadership roles. An annual fixture for the group is their participation and performance at the Christchurch Secondary Schools Pacific Island Festival, sPACIFICally PACIFIC, where the girls perform live on stage to an enormous crowd – a sight to behold!


The Pasifika Award acknowledges Pasifika student achievement for general academic excellence, contribution to the wider life of the College, commitment to Church/Parish, role-modelling to junior students and commitment to Pasifika.

2015 saw the school being in a position to offer a physical token of the award with a beautiful kava bowl awarded to the recipient, which has Tongan and Samoan images carved on it.

The young woman who receives this award is beginning to come to terms with her identity as a Pasifika woman. Her rich cultural background combines with our College culture of Mercy.

Our Recipient – Malia Fasi-Smith